Monday, August 7, 2023

Our Very Own WHAT...

 ... pointed out to this (God, I love page translation): 

The "African Village", of course, being a primarily Boer Village. 

And here is the key, which also explains a black guy constructing this village. Nobody cares if you are black, white or green--in this case becoming Russian Orthodox and willing to live by generally Christian ethics, who cares. In the end, Russia's greatest poet is... black. But this doesn't mean that Russia will abandon her white Christian folks. 

The project of the Aphroderevni in a pilot format is being implemented now in the Moscow and Tver regions. Then, through the efforts of the AMK and its partners, it will be extended to other subjects of the Russian Federation, where regional administrations will be able to offer attractive conditions for immigrants.

As I stated many times for many years--Russia is Arc. And suddenly you have 3,000 families of Boers moving in. Russia will not allow white Christians go extinct--but that is a whole other can of worms here. And, speaking of Japanese, here is prima of Voronezh ballet and she is... Japanese. 

Who would ever thought that Moscow, My Love would be so prophetic... 50 years ago. Good God, I am old;)))

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