Friday, August 11, 2023

How Many Times.

Misleading people. VK, OK, FB, Twitter and other time wasting social media platforms ARE NOT "tech giants". They are code writing factories for people to get more mental disorders. Those "tech giants" use hardware developed and produced by REAL tech giants. But for some journo it is difficult to comprehend that Boeing for all its ills IS a tech giant, ROSTEC IS a tech giant, Rosatom is a hi-tech mastodon, even Newport News is a hi-tech giant.

I am not saying that this is the bad news for Russia, but enough with misnomers. The world is moved by real hi tech people who work 24/7 producing trucks, airplanes, operate nuclear and natural gas power plants, they build trains and buildings, they fly to space and it is all done by the hardware, granted using sophisticated algorithms developed by software braniacs with engineering degrees. There is a huge difference between developing mathematics for the space flight, and operating a gigantic manufacturing plant, and writing a code for people reporting on how many times they had bowel movement or posting memes. I am not saying that VK is not needed--social media are here to stay, but enough with this tech BS. It diminishes the role of people who DO move the world. 

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