Wednesday, August 30, 2023

How To Find Out.

I do not disagree with Tucker and PJW on the possibility of a hot war with Russia by Biden's regime in order to stay in power. I also agree on the uniparty thesis. 

But here is the fallacy in terms of practical implementation of this "plan" by cabal. Remarkably I already quoted this today. Even illiterate hack such as late Richard Pipes got it:

It goes without saying that unlike late 1970s when Pipes wrote his BS piece, today the US has no industry capable of wartime footing while conventional war with Russia will see American losses the likes it never experienced in her history. I am talking, of course, not about SMO format, I am talking about the real war. And here lies practical problem for implementation of the dictatorship by Washington. US Army cannot sustain about 5-10 thousand KIAs s week, neither can American society. And I am talking about lower end of estimates. Colonel Wilkerson talks about 40,000 US casualties in such a war in the first week of hostilities. 

US as a nation is not set up for fighting a real combined arms war. NO Washington regime will be able to sustain about 100 to 200 thousand US Army KIAs and about the same number of sanitary losses in the first couple of months of fighting, not to mention a bulk of the USAF and ground forces hardware being annihilated. 

But for dictatorship to endure one has to have a solid war achievements, otherwise you get the repetition of General Galtieri and the collapse of Junta. And I am not even talking about such horrible and very highly likely events (God forbid) as sinking of couple of US Navy's CBGs. And that is going to happen in case of such a war. Not to mention the fact that US proper is defenseless against Russian cruise missiles. US, in this case, will have no choice but to escalate to nuclear threshold and that means that no US neocon and their family survives. Same goes to those American "patriots" who would exercise their desire to kill them some Rooskies. I am on record--US population has zero knowledge of real war. 

If we all avoid a nuclear confrontation which the US will initiate when the first thousands of KIAs begin to arrive to the US within first few weeks, US has no resources to fight such a war and that means that even if Biden and his puppeteers succeed in starting such a war with Russia (with what?) and usurp power, this coup wouldn't be able to last for too long. In the end, consider this news from two weeks ago:

The head of a top Russian shipbuilder revealed Monday that work is underway to arm some of Russia's most troubling guided-missile submarines with Zircon hypersonic weapons. Following the fielding of the weapon aboard a Russian navy frigate, "multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the Yasen-M project will also be equipped with the Zircon missile system," Alexei Rakhmanov, general director of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, told the state-run RIA news agency, confirming certain long-standing expectations. He added that "work in this direction is already underway." Russia's Yasen-class nuclear-powered cruise-missile submarines are quiet, difficult to track, heavily armed, and able to conduct attacks against land- and sea-based targets. The first sub of the class, the Severodvinsk, was commissioned late in 2013 following decades of design, development, and construction that started during the Cold War.

So, in case of such a war even Junta will have tough time explaining to American people what happened to the White House and Capitol among many other crucial US buildings (Pentagon anyone) in a sense where did they go once 3M22 will arrive in salvos and then 3M14M and X-101 follow. Yes, it will be a very tough political time, but something tells me that, while possible, such a war will actually end the uniparty, not least through many of its members being physically annihilated, and what happens next--who knows. I don't think that overwhelming majority of Americans, even if brainwashed by propaganda, would like to live without electricity, heat, AC, water and with food shortages. But that IS what conventional war with Russia will mean for the US. Russia can turn US grid and power generation off if she will decide to do so and, certainly, this is a contingency most in Washington cannot wrap their brains around. As I say--they have no tool kit for that. Simple as that. I hope they wouldn't want to find out, most of them are cowards and spoiled wussies who would run like cowards do once the real deal begins. So, how does repetition of Vietnam times 100 looks like?   

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