Saturday, August 19, 2023

Speaking Of Operations Research.

Josep Borrell does have degree in it--Applied Mathematics from Stanford no less. But a collection of complex degrees still does not guarantee a moron from being a moron. Borrell is a moron and him repeating late nutjob John McCain's "truism" about Russia being a gas station shows what kind of human material is pushed to the top in EU.

I guess explaining to this Catalan cretin that Moscow and oblast combined alone have a larger economy than that of Spain will be the waste of time, but at least Russia has energy, right? This aeronautical "engineer" obviously never learned what modern extraction is and what amount of real hi-tech goes into it. But his quip is a combination of the EU required stupidity and frustration growing inside the ranks of EU's bureaucracy. No worry, Mr. Borrell--you, same as organization you represent, are America's lunch, so, keep parading yourself as the idiot you are--the only type fit for running EU (into the ground), others need not apply. Even if they have two degrees in Operational Research.

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