Wednesday, August 30, 2023

On A Lighter Note. Or On The Utility of Trans-Atlantic Flights.

LOL)) Sir David Attenborough is a cuck. Being a biologist and media personality his "expertise" in "anthropogenic climate change" is as valuable as my expertise in open heart surgery, but he is a celebrity. A British one. Here is AI, or whatever passes today for this AI thingy (a fad really, such as Tesla cars) which mimics his comments on Disney)))

But, remarkably, while flying back to Seattle I was lucky enough to watch an absolutely charming British movie The Duke. This was the parting gift from Roger Mitchell and it struck the chord. Of course it is somewhat moralizing but it is warm, very human and very... British. Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren are incomparable.
There was something in it we as kids imagined about England, which, of course, is not there anymore. It felt almost Dickensian or Jerome-Jeromeish  if not early Benny Hillish. It felt wonderful, because it told the story which was... real and it showed normal people with calling to be just humans. I almost applauded when the movie ended at 40,000 feet (yes, Finnair takes a higher echelon to avoid turbulence, A 330-300 has a ceiling of 41,100 feet) waking my wife who uses me as a pillow on long flights. It felt so right, almost the blast from the past. I highly recommend... literally from 40,000 feet.

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