Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Official Denunciation...

 ... of the already de facto dead Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE). Today, Vladimir Putin officially finished off this NATO's fig leaf and good riddance, if one asks me. 

Mr. Ryabkov was appointed to see to it in legal sense, and so it is over. 

Now to this BS about Kinzhal allegedly shot down by Patriot PAC 3 which now allegedly is in 404. As anything emanating from 404 and carried by Western MSM is utter BS. It is the same trash as "Ghost of Kiev" and it is a scientific fact, which US propagandists from media--most of them lacking basic technological and operational literacy--are not aware of. Patriot cannot shoot down high speed maneuvering targets and its "combat record" even against simplest targets is rather pathetic. Obviously, for imbeciles from Popular Mechanics or other BSers with degrees in political "science" it is an unknown, or deliberately omitted, fact that official classification of Kinzhal in Russia is--Аэробаллистическая Гиперзвуковая Ракета (Aeroballstic Hypersonic Missile). It is this first qualifier which makes all the difference between purely ballistic missile such as Iskander, which still can fly at the quasi-ballistic trajectory but has a shorter range than Kinzhal. The 'burnout" speed of Iskander is still around M=6 which is genuine hypersonic. 

And so, they invent BS. Even despite the fact that:

МОСКВА, 7 мая/ Радио Sputnik. Арсенала ВСУ недостаточно для защиты от российских гиперзвуковых ракет "Кинжал", признал спикер ВВС Украины Юрий Игнат.«"В украинском арсенале мало оружия, способного сбивать российскую ракету Х-47 "Кинжал". Никогда Patriot не работал с таким типом целей, как именно Х-47. Поэтому радоваться рано", – цитирует Игната
Translation: MOSCOW, May 7/ Radio Sputnik. The arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not enough to protect against Russian hypersonic missiles "Dagger", the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ignat admitted. " “There are few weapons in the Ukrainian arsenal capable of shooting down the Russian Kh-47 Kinzhal missile. The Patriot has never worked with such a type of targets as the Kh-47. Therefore, it’s too early to rejoice,” Ignat is quoted by
Hm, so VSU itself admits that it cannot, but the fantasy of Western presstitudes is back into "Ghost of Kiev" mode. Sure. Next thing you know they will say that they single-handedly defeated Axis... ah, wait... And this molasses like drama continues against the background of what shapes to be a historic defeat of not just the US, but Western civilization as a whole and its relegation to the position of merely a peninsula of the huge Eurasian Continent, and I mean it not only in geographic sense. But in the end, and you can quote me, read my lips: the US lost the arms race across the board. It was bound to happen and I wrote three books, the fourth is in the works, explaining main reasons for this loss. The system carried the seeds of its own destruction within itself. 

In related news: 

Officials in the administration of US President Joe Biden are reportedly “breathing a quiet sigh of relief” over reports that the UK will send long-range missiles to Ukraine. Washington views the provision of long-range weaponry to Ukraine as a step too far that would not be backed by lawmakers. The reaction was described by Politico in a newsletter on Tuesday, citing anonymous sources in the US government. The British plan had been covered by The Washington Post, which cited its own unnamed sources. Politico’s NatSec Daily was told that Washington’s position remained unchanged and that the Pentagon was not going to send Army Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS, to Ukraine, even with the UK crossing that line first – an outcome, the Post said, London had hoped for.

London better think twice about what it is doing, because it may see the count of its RN hulls reduced. They still cannot come to terms in London with the fact that their islands are nothing more than economic and military pipsqueak and if Russia decides to rearrange stones in London the US will not come to the aid. But then again, there is nothing more sad than seeing a midget trying to get to the draft in NBA.

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