Friday, May 12, 2023

It Is Friday, But...

 ... with a twist. Is Shaman, for all his amazing vocal abilities, more than a singer? Absolutely, he is a secret weapon gender-confused imbeciles in modern Western music didn't see coming. He is a combination of raw masculinity, sexuality and a true great talent and patriotism. When you see a packed Crocus-city (you can see the list of legends who performed there) and women going absolutely bananas from him--let me tell you, this is huge. And I mean huge on a national scale, especially when he sings Rise Up (Vstanem), I Am Russian and Russian National Anthem starting at 59:00. 

I am sure Garry Kasparov, Rebekah Koffler and the host of Russia pseudo-scholars from Ivy League didn't account for that--that Russian patriotism could be so sexy, imposing, modern and... glamorous. 

It is Friday, go at it...

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