Tuesday, May 16, 2023

I Want To Remind Everyone...

 ... against the background of this news: 

So, what do I want to remind you of? This:  

1. Substitute Zircon for Kinzhal. Numbers will be the same.

2. And keep in mind that this is a THEORETICAL probability, which still is absolutely grim, because it is calculated on the assumption of a very small but not entirely trivial Pkill = 0.2 of AD missile.   

In reality, Patriot PAC3 has about zero probability of kill of hypersonic weapon, especially in dense EW environment and in a combination salvo. I warned, that transfer of Patriot to 404 will end like this and... it did. Surprise, surprise. And here is the thing: NATO AD systems, be them ground based or ship-borne are absolutely useless against modern Russian weapons. I warned about ramifications here:

Now we have an empirical proof of that. Pentagon knows this. Now expect hysterical spin from Western media whores. Does the US want to supply 404 with THAAD? This is a rhetorical question, of course.

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