Saturday, May 27, 2023

Lindsey In Ukraine.

Somebody has to explain to this dude, that the US has zero understanding of what "it stood for since the end of WW II", because this WW II was won by somebody else and those were not Americans. 

Then, of course, during this meeting of two war criminals and enablers of terrorism, Lindsey went on record by stating that:

“Russians are dying. We have never spent money so well”

Lindsey, being we all know who, has no love lost for Russia, who defines his type as perverts, also, being a lawyer and enabler of genocide and terrorism with his late buddy genocidal maniac and "American hero" John McCain, doesn't understand what modern war is, nor has any clue that he makes a good record of, essentially, getting closer to starting annihilating Russian immigrants in the US or, maybe, starting erecting concentration camps for them, because this is the horizon of imagination of this guy and his buddies in Congress. In the end, he called for assassination of Putin and now, obviously, expanded his horizons. 

Russian news agencies properly reported that (in Russian), and reaction was as was expected. But, in the end, it is not for this lawyer who pretends that he knows anything about WW II--he doesn't, because he is as uncultured and uneducated as is the majority in US political "elite"--it is on people of South Carolina who consistently elect this genocidal maniac, and this is very serious. Because it just may happen so, that people of South Carolina who have zero grasp of modern warfare, may have to face a reality of a REAL war due to their Senator being, well, genocidal maniac, who pushes for it and which, naturally, reflects on people of South Carolina. Lindsey, who is of a plain white trash origin, evidently learned nothing in his life and his "colonel" (JAG) rank is worth as much in real war as my expertise in Chaucer. Plus, in the end, somebody take this trailer trash around the world and show him real culture. Together with whores from US media. 

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