Sunday, May 7, 2023


On a lighter note. Here I am--fresh from breathtaking beauty of Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho and Yellowstone. And here are Russia's favorite Aussies who moved from Novosibirsk to their dream Altai farm hanging out in Gorno-Altaisk. 

The similarity of the nature is 100%. If not for Russian language one would think that they are somewhere in Montana. Finally, Russia begins to develop those places in an appropriate touristy manner. And here is what matters--both American Pacific Northwest and its near, as well as Altai share not just the stunning nature. They share a stunning scale. Especially when one considers Canadian extension of Rockies from Alberta to British Columbia, both places dwarf any kind of Alpine locations. I love this scale and the sense of freedom it gives you. I also totally understand how Sabrina and her family feel now--it is the sense of wonderment and being spellbound. I can relate easily--I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest immediately. And I need big water--nothing comes bigger than Pacific Ocean. Altai, sadly, is far away from it. Or any ocean, for that matter. But it is still beautiful.  

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