Friday, May 19, 2023

Sanctions From Hell.

That will show those damn Roosskies. US finally found the soft spot of Russia and these new sanctions are going to hurt like hell, wink, wink. 

МОСКВА, 19 мая. /ТАСС/. США ввели запрет на ввоз в Россию ряда телефонов, диктофонов, микрофонов и бытовой техники. Соответствующий список опубликован Минторгом США. В перечень входят электрические проточные или накопительные водонагреватели, электрические утюги, микроволновые печи, кипятильники, электрические кофеварки и тостеры. Также запрещено поставлять в РФ линейные телефонные аппараты, беспроводные телефоны, диктофоны. Вместе с тем в список включены сушилки для белья, машины и аппараты для фильтрации и очистки воды, снегоочистители и снегоуборочные машины, газонокосилки, сельскохозяйственная техника, стиральные машины и швейные машины. Помимо этого, к ввозу запрещены литий-ионные аккумуляторы, аккумуляторные батареи Nesio, пылесосы, измельчители пищевых продуктов, электрические лампы.

Translation: MOSCOW, May 19. /TASS/. The United States imposed a ban on the import into Russia of a number of telephones, voice recorders, microphones and household appliances. The corresponding list is published by the US Department of Commerce. The list includes electric instantaneous or storage water heaters, electric irons, microwave ovens, water heaters, electric coffee makers and toasters. It is also prohibited to supply linear telephones, cordless telephones, voice recorders to the Russian Federation. However, the list includes clothes dryers, machines and apparatus for filtering and purifying water, snow plows and snow blowers, lawn mowers, agricultural machinery, washing machines and sewing machines. In addition, lithium-ion batteries, Nesio batteries, vacuum cleaners, food grinders, and electric lamps are prohibited from being imported.

I never disclosed it, but now I can come clean--my worst nightmare was the anticipation of a moment when the US will announce sanctions on toasters and water heaters. Russia, being a backward shithole of a country with the economy smaller than that of Lesotho, is now cooked. I called my friends and relatives in Russia--they are desperate. One of them, when heard that there will be no American lawnmowers anymore, wanted to commit suicide and only, as luck would have it, the intervention of his wife saved him. 

There are screams of desperation heard from all corners of Russia being denied the access to advanced technology such as toasters and water heaters. It finally happened, and now Russia will crumble--you can bet your life on that. Same way as you can bet all your life saving on Patriot PAC3 being "slightly damaged" and by today, as rumor has it, being completely "repaired". In Pentagonese the repair means having new Patriot elements being delivered instead the ones which have been completely destroyed. Hey, technically it is a repair, of sorts. 

On a more serious note, considering the fact that only small share of those items listed above is made in the US proper, with most of them being either China, Taiwan or Malaysia made, one has to ask the question: are they that stupid in there? Evidently they are. This is what happens when one is completely detached from the realities of real industrial productive economy and emerging Eurasian (colossal) market, whose details, including possibly the new reserve currency (or basket of currencies) will be discussed at St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) in June this year. Once one considers that there are more than 80 countries lining up for joining BRICS and SCO is emerging as a serious security organization, and the US and Europe are not in this club, one can feel the desperation. The syndrome of abandoned abusive wife who suddenly recognized that she is not needed anymore. 

In related news:

HIROSHIMA, Japan — America and its allies plan to provide F-16s to Ukraine — although the fighter jets may not necessarily come directly from the United States — as part of a long-term effort to strengthen the country's security, a senior Biden administration official said Friday. The timing for when Ukraine will receive the fighter jets — and which countries will provide them — remains unclear, but the official said the planes would not be used for Ukraine's upcoming counteroffensive against Russia. In the coming months, the U.S. and its allies “will decide when to actually provide jets, how many we will provide, and who will provide them,” the official said. The news comes as President Joe Biden on Friday informed leaders of leading industrialized nations that the U.S. will support efforts to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16s.

Sure, let them. Yet another US weapon system will be exposed as obsolete and ineffective and will be demonstrated against the background of Russian Air Force and Air Defense doing its job properly. I know what the US "elites" are coming through right now, those who have enough remaining courage to face facts:

In 1814, Alexander I and Russian Army triumphantly entered Paris. Nowadays, Russians do not want to enter any of European or American capitals, they do a swell job of destroying themselves, and even the allure of finally having their hands on the advanced products of Western civilization such as washing machines and water heaters can not change Russians' desire not to deal withe West anymore. In the end, Russian Air Force cannot even "fly formations". What do you expect from those backward Rooskies.

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