Tuesday, May 16, 2023

In Related News.

Against the news of Patriot being annihilated this should not also be forgotten. 

This is how REAL air defense works. So, as was explained earlier, first two Storm Shadows which haven't been intercepted have been launched at civilian targets in Lugansk. Naturally, those targets haven't been defended by AD systems. US provides 24/7 intel to VSU, including electronic "map" which accounts for radar "picture" of Russian AD systems. In other words, the US provides intel on gaps in radar field. But even here they are primarily reduced to what amounts to attacks on civilian targets. As I already stated on many occasions, I will repeat again--the SMO will be, if not already, studied in all leading military academies as an example of how to fight modern war. 

Now, here is my friend and REAL war correspondent Marat Khairulin (in Russian) explains why Gerasimov is an outstanding military leader and also explains how Mr. Prigozhin "fought". 

Marat also comments on "voenkurvas". This is a very militarily literate SitRep by a professional.

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