Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A Bank Teller Boy...

... discovers for himself the existence of the reality independent of wishful thinking. He still didn't get it fully, but he is on the road to recovery once he puts two and two together. With Paris Nanterre University behind him, I am sure he can do it. Macron suddenly recognized... 

ПАРИЖ, 31 мая. /ТАСС/. Президент Франции Эмманюэль Макрон заявил, что Россия использует информационное поле для продвижения своих позиций гораздо более эффективно, чем Запад. Такое мнение он высказал в среду на международной конференции по безопасности Globsec в Братиславе. По его оценке, "Россия использует информационное поле для того, чтобы играть на усталости от войны и ослаблять поддержку Украины"."Это происходит через социальные сети, и эти социальные сети используются сегодня Россией гораздо более эффективно, чем это делаем мы", - считает французский лидер.

Translation: PARIS, 31 May. /TASS/. French President Emmanuel Macron said that Russia uses the information field to advance its positions much more effectively than the West. He expressed this opinion on Wednesday at the international security conference Globsec in Bratislava. According to him, "Russia uses the information field to play on war fatigue and weaken support for Ukraine." "This happens through social networks, and these social networks are used by Russia today much more effectively than we do," he said. French leader.

I can disclose a secret why Russia is so much more effective in this field--because she doesn't spread BS and can account for every annihilated Ukie (NATO, really) piece of hardware and formation. Moreover, Russians know that many in the West's "elite" know it and because of Russian information being reality-driven it is so effective. The West, on the other hand, lies non-stop and even manages to cross into the fairy tales territory, sometimes so risible that even Western media-whores have to slow down. If before Western "journos" have been viewed with contempt by people of decent moral qualities, soon they will be called to their faces who they really are--whores--and, eventually, people will spit into their faces and deservedly so. I do not advocate violence against them, though; but letting some editor from BBC, Bloomberg or NYT, among many others, feel as a cheap whore, who most of them are, that is a good idea. 

As for Macron, boy, so much to learn in this life. For example, that France is economic and military pip-squeak. But I have something to say about dog breeds tomorrow, in my next video. Don't miss it, I do give a short introspective of one nation having excruciating phantom pains. Meanwhile, Joey absolutely nails it--the revenge of the nerds. Or, more appropriately Beta-males. Or, even more clearly--the guys with low fuckability index.

And yes, they are not "tech-people". Social media corps are to real tech as I am to North Korean Space Agency. In the end, for shits and giggles, this is the rag from Soros-funded Quincy Institute. LOL)))

NATO members mull secret plans for responding to Russia attack. Most were drawn up behind closed doors by the permanent alliance representatives in Brussels and not seen by elected bodies.
Read the author's C.V. And recall what I state ad nauseam--we have "elites" most of who are academic frauds and morons. In general, most "peace", "security" and other similar "foreign affairs" programs in the West are machines for production of brainwashed credentialed imbeciles none of who have even rudimentary intellectual tool kit for understanding anything not related to celebrities, expensive lingerie and writing necrologues in the county newspaper.

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