Monday, May 1, 2023

Rogers Came Out Swinging

Those who read my books (and this blog) should remember my expression that warfare is a geopolitical tool of the first order. Before it was fashionable to talk about it I warned that the only true indicator of national power rests with its real economy and armed forces. Today, it seems pretty obvious, but 10 years ago...  Alexandr Rogers wrote, in his typical fashion, an excellent piece in Russian which is worthy of getting acquainted with even if by using Google Translate. He called his piece Farewell to the Arms after famous Hemingway's novel.

It is an excellent excurse into the fallacy of the Western liberal concept of peace...  for thee, but not for me. Some Rogers' expressions can be understood only by people with excellent command of Russian and with a good knowledge of modern Russian cultural milieu, e.g. "Netvoinyst" is literally a mocking term for "against the war" primarily Russian pro-western liberals (a euphemism for agents of influence and their stupid followers) and there are many those wonderfully succinct definitions which may require additional research.  But I thought I would bring his piece to your attention while wrapping up my mini-vacations. I understood that at this point I literally needed to do a mental flush for me to regain relevance and continue with this blog, videos and new book. 

In related news, check out Ireland--they literally have the legislature ready to pass which will criminalize even "hate thoughts". Penalty? Lengthy prison terms. Russia meanwhile brought to the attention of the UN an increasing French Russophobia (in Russian). And why I am not surprised. French "intellectuals" called Serbs animals in 1999 and it was French press which was dehumanizing them, now it is Russians' turn, but there is a substantial difference between Serbia of 1999 and Russia 2023. Do not expect Russians to retaliate on this level, they know what class is. But, there is nothing to talk about with Europe. I am on record and you can quote me. 

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