Tuesday, May 9, 2023

A View From The White House. Larry's Take.

And I quote:

This is today's press briefing. Make your own conclusions. But Larry makes an important observation:

Who remembers? The nations and peoples who paid the most blood and who endured the most pain, that is who. Between China and Russia, as many as 56 million of their soldiers and civilians perished in that conflict. At least 26 million Russians at the hands of the Nazis while as many as 30 million Chinese were exterminated by Japanese soldiers. Those are staggering numbers and Americans simply have nothing in their experience to be able to grasp the magnitude of such losses. That is why Russia remembers and the grand children and great grandchildren of Soviet soldiers still march once a year carrying placard with the photos of their courageous ancestor. War on the scale experienced by Russia between 1941 and 1945 made an indelible tattoo, carved with blood on the soul of all Russians. The failure of American politicians and the average citizen to understand this profound fact helped create the war in Ukraine. 

Exactly. Read the whole thing at Larry's blog.

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