Thursday, May 11, 2023

How Many Times To Repeat...

.... including for RT who got caught--DO NOT READ TG Channels and learn to distinguish, even between "official" reporters, who are those 2-3% of people who do their job professionally and report the reality and who are, as Alexander Rogers coined the term "voenkurva" (Polish friends will easily understand this)--kurwa (or kurva) being, of course, a bitch.  So, voenkurva is a military bitch, which is also a derivative of voenkor, which stands for voennyi (military) correspondent. 

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied rumors of a large-scale Ukrainian counterattack, noting in a statement late on Thursday that the situation along most of the frontline appeared to be relatively calm, with the only heavy fighting in and near Artyomovsk, also known as Bakhmut. “Reports by certain Telegram channels of ‘breaches of defenses’ in several places along the line of contact are not accurate,” the ministry said around 11 pm Moscow time. “The general situation in the area of the special military operation is under control.” According to the Russian military, the last remaining part of Artyomovsk was being stormed with air force and artillery support, while there was an “ongoing battle” to repel the attack of Ukrainian units in the direction of Malo-Ilyinkovka, northwest of the city, with “heavy enemy casualties in lives and equipment.”

But, RT, you should know by now that those "certain Telegram channels" are "manned" by people who monetize hype and raw emotions, who do it for their own egos, especially having zero serious military education, such as overwhelming majority of "reporters", or being straight up SBU, TZIPSO and NATO supported purveyors of BS. So, as with Kinzhal BS, we now call company-sized recon in force an "offensive". 

Ukrainian troops attempted two company-sized attacks towards Kremennaya but were repulsed. Three scouting parties were defeated further north, near Kupyansk. The ministry first said there had been no “active operations” on Kherson or Zaporozhye fronts in the south, but later published a list of Ukrainian losses on the Kherson front from Russian artillery, and reported shooting down 12 HIMARS rockets and a Su-25 ground attack jet.  

But let's fast rewind a few hours back. Before wholesale debunking of this "news" and "reports".

Evgeny Poddubny, who became "war correspondent" and has degree in psychology--and read my lips--CANNOT have any idea of "offensive" or "retreat" or anything else, because he simply has no idea what type and volume of combat information is pouring to the command posts in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don or staffs of frontline formations, because his only skill is to confabulate and to gather rumors from the frontline and do photo-ops with high ranking people. NO serious operational level officer will even talk to this guy, let alone divulge any kind of operational data which is highly classified. Very few of those military correspondents on Russian side deserve professional applause for their integrity and professional attitude to their main work--actual reporting. 

That is why, speaking of me personally, I do not have any TG channels, I do not read them, with the exception of channels of MoD, Maria Zakharova and a very few other people I trust professionally and personally. And I am talking about a number of those TG channels which could be counted on the fingers of one hand. And here is the difference--I know my limitations, I know what I DO NOT know and I established this posture long time ago. Maybe, just maybe, because unlike Poddubny and his ilk I was a bearer of Form 1A clearance and know what staff operations and communications with even Brigade or District operational officers are. Sadly, we seldom get Eva Bartletts, Marat Khairulins or Graham Phillipses in this world, for some reason we get "psychologists" by trade who, quoting a General from famous dialogue in Diplomatic Rail Car with Stirlietz describing Hitler stated: "A lower rank who stole general's uniform boots. He decided that one can fight without studying in military academies."(c) 

Here, the English CC are wrong, they translated low rank as "junior officer", which is wrong both linguistically and factually--Hitler never was a junior officer, he was a Gefreiter. Hence his suspicion and complex of inferiority to Wehrmacht officers with serious military academic background and C2 experience on the division and higher levels. Now, try today to explain to modern "voenkurva" what the algorithm of Commander's Decision is, forget division or brigade, try regiment for warmup, and what goes into it and then see how those "strategists" will melt away. Many already did, more to go. And that is why SMO provides highly effective treatment against many who lost their professional and human integrity. They forgot an old Russian (universal, really) proverb that "the position doesn't make the man, but the man makes the position."  

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