Monday, May 8, 2023

"We liberated them... and they will never forgive us for it..."(c)

This famous Zhukov's quip was prescient. It all came true. Germans hate Russians because they sustained a crushing defeat in 1945. Western "democracies" hate Russia, Soviet Union being a historic Russia, because they know who actually defeated Axis forces, and because West's military mythology has its roots in stolen valor claims that it was the US who defeated Nazism. They continue to rewrite history, today, on the eve of May 9 Victory Day. Here is Konrad Adenauer's fund. Some Ph.D. from Germany writes:

Translation: On May 8, 1945, not only the whole of Europe, but also the Germans in particular were liberated from the tyranny of National Socialism. The Soviet Union was also involved in the liberation, but unlike the Western Allies, it did not bring liberalism with it, but a new totalitarianism. In view of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is now clear that even the supposed victory of liberalism in 1989/90 was not to last. The foreign and security policy failures of the West and especially Germany since then can no longer be brushed aside.
Ah, yes, those side-show Rooskies subhumans who ALSO took part in "liberation" by destroying 80% of creme de la creme Axis power and demolishing German National-Socialism nightmarish slave and death machine. But who cares. You can read this pseudo-academic schizophrenic piece by this Ph.D. Matthias Oppermann and it will give you a good understanding why there is nothing to discuss with the West. What can one possibly discuss with people influenced by "history" from Anthony Beavor, Anne Applebaum or this German "defender" of liberalism. That is why the desire to spoil for Russians the Victory Day Parade at the Red Square is so irresistible--the combined West is sustaining, as I type this, the handing of its ass on the platter in Ukraine, it happens in Syria (US pilots now turn their targeting complexes on trying to spook Russian pilots with "lock on" in Syria) and elsewhere and the desperation is palpable. 

But it is the Victory Day Parade at the Red Square which hurts them the most, because it is the day when Russia demonstrates and states unequivocally who and how defeated German National-Socialism and why this is being done for the second time on a global scale, this time defeating yet another iteration of the totalitarian ideology known as globalism and its concentrated expression through Pax Americana much of whose mythology is built around stealing the credit for the defeat of Hitler. This time, however, it is different--never again the foot of Russian soldier should step on the European soil, even when they will scream, and they will, for help--let them deal with what's coming themselves. If they die, Europe was dead already for decades spiritually, physical death will be the only natural outcome. 
Meanwhile, I congratulate you all with Victory Day and want to remind you that the history of WW II in the West is not a history, with some notable exceptions, but primarily a field for falsifications in order to justify on-going ugly mutations of modern "liberalism". In the end, there is very little difference between war criminals in Washington in 2023 and war criminals in Berlin of 1941.   

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