Sunday, May 28, 2023

Totally Expected...

For people who still want to bomb or kill, or harm war criminals like Lindsey Graham, they should understand why Russia is so legalistic--it is the ONLY way to conduct war against the enemy who is desperate. As was expected: 

МОСКВА, 28 мая — РИА Новости. Глава Следственного комитета Александр Бастрыкин поручил возбудить уголовное дело из-за русофобских заявлений американского сенатора Линдси Грэма, сообщается в Telegram-канале ведомства. Председатель Следственного комитета России Александр Бастрыкин поручил Главному следственному управлению возбудить уголовное дело по факту высказываний американского сенатора об убийстве россиян. <...> Данному факту следователями ГСУ СК России будет дана надлежащая правовая оценка", — говорится в публикации. Ранее американский сенатор Линдси Грэм во время встречи с Владимиром Зеленским заявил, что США "еще никогда не тратили деньги так удачно", поскольку в результате этого "умирают" россияне.
Translation: MOSCOW, May 28 - RIA Novosti. The head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to open a criminal case because of the Russophobic statements of US Senator Lindsey Graham, according to the department's Telegram channel. Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin instructed the Main Investigation Department to open a criminal case into the statements of the US senator about the murder of Russians. <...> Investigators of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of Russia will give a proper legal assessment to this fact," the publication says. Earlier, US Senator Lindsey Graham, during a meeting with Vladimir Zelensky, said that the United States "has never spent money so successfully," because in as a result of this, the Russians are "dying".
I reiterate--this is the only way to conduct oneself with war criminals such as Graham and his ilk. Legal action is just the start, it is Russian State's due diligence and as I repeat this ad nauseam--you build the case first. The first reaction is proper. Once the warrant on this guy is issued, things may and will proceed in a very interesting direction. Do not forget, this whole situations develops against the background of the United States being guilty of what amounts to crimes against humanity. Brown's Watson Institute has calculated, how many:

War’s destruction of economies, public services, infrastructure, and the environment leads to deaths that occur long after bombs drop and grow in scale over time. This report reviews the latest research to examine the causal pathways that have led to an estimated 3.6-3.7 million indirect deaths in post-9/11 war zones, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. The total death toll in these war zones could be at least 4.5-4.6 million and counting, though the precise mortality figure remains unknown. Some people were killed in the fighting, but far more, especially children, have been killed by the reverberating effects of war, such as the spread of disease. 

So, read the full report and you will understand why most of the world doesn't want to deal with bringers of "democracy" and their stooges. I want to stress--the bankruptcy is not just moral, it is a very tangible economic, military, social and metaphysical one.  

In this context, the next iteration of the global security, political and economic system will not be framed by the United States alone. The reality is already something else. It is not an "order," which inherently points to a hierarchy, and perhaps not even a "disorder." A range of countries are pushing and pulling in line with their own priorities to produce new arrangements.  We in the transatlantic community may need to develop some new terminology as well as adapt our foreign policy approaches to deal with horizontal networks of overlapping and sometimes competing structures. We have entered what Samir Saran, president of India's Observer Research Foundation, has dubbed the age of "limited liability partnerships." The regionalization of security, trade and political alliances complicates our national security strategies and policy planning, but it may also intersect with our priorities in useful ways if we can be flexible and creative—rather than simply resisting and responding when things go in directions we don't like. As British security expert Neil Melvin has suggested, we should embrace the idea of "mini-lateralism."
Fiona Hill is your typical Ivy league degree mill "Russian Studies" field defective product, as most of them are, but even this ignorant and colorless former bureaucrat admits that the world as we know is pretty much over. And it may come as a surprise to her and others, but it is not "Transatlantic community" which wins, it is Russia. And as any victor, Russia will be deciding what to do with those people in a collapsing combined West who are directly responsible for the events since 9/11 tragedy. This is the only way it works and the United States made a historic mistake by putting itself on the wrong side of history.

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