Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Why Cavoli Moved To Undersea Warfare...

Back from the trip to Yellowstone National Park. Did the mental "vacations" and now back at it. Things develop with incredible speed. While there was an attempt at Kremlin in general, it is clear that Russia got now necessary casus belli for physical elimination of Ze and people around him, albeit it is clear that attack on Kremlin was initiated by neocons. Washington thinks that it has a "sophisticated" foreign policy--in reality it is a kindergarten level ruse-mongering. Nikolai Patrushev, who is an immensely powerful man, went on record today and stated that preservation of Ukraine is not in the US plans (in Russian). But, attack on Kremlin and this are connected directly. 

General Cavoli, obviously, didn't want to go into details of how Russian Armed Forces demolish everything NATO throws at them and are not fighting in full force. He switched to submarine operations of Russian and US navies. Let me tell you, I can only imagine what is happening now under the surface and we may learn about it only after some long time, but, believe me, Cavoli is telling the truth about what amounts to a catastrophic historic miscalculation of Russia by Washington. I said it before, I repeat it again--Russians blew out two greatest military powers in history, Napoleon and Axis. Taken with adjustments for technological and operational development the US Armed Forces are nowhere near Napoleon and Hitler in military sense. Make your own conclusions. 

Thomas Lipscomb makes some profound observations on this matter:

As Mark Wauck summarizes “Ukraine’s professional military knows that the offensive would be suicidal. Ukrainian losses of manpower continue to be extremely heavy—Russia is claiming that Ukraine lost 15,000 men in April. Losses of equipment are reaching catastrophic levels as well, as Russian attacks have heavily targeted assembly areas for munitions and equipment.” If Zelensky’s cowardice allows America’s foreign policy neocon scum to push Ukraine into a doomed offensive, it will be the most wasted effusion of blood yet in this catastrophic “proxy war.” And it will be the most disgraceful ending possible to the Neocon’s 30 years “forever war” that dropped the United States from a half century illusion of dominant hegemony to an also ran with an obsolete defense establishment and a wrecked economy, all in less than 2 years..

Zelensky is a dead man walking as is his internal circle of oligarchs and cronies, but in the end--these are neocons who, due to their cowardice and military and economic incompetence, brought this to the point that they will have to run, if not from the rubble of American implosion and pitchforks of destitute and very angry masses, then from people from certain Russian orgs who would love to talk to war criminals and criminals against humanity who in the last 30 years killed millions of innocent people and wrecked whole regions of the world. They are desperate and it shows. Hence desperate attempts on Putin and trying to sabotage Victory Day parade at the Red Square.  Will Zelensky return to 404? I wonder what Petraeus and Keane studied in US Army war College and in Leavenworth, KS? Certainly not the real war. Cavoli, however, spoke openly what I was talking about since the start of SMO. At least there are still some real professionals left in the US Army among the top brass. NATO? It counts its last days as a military organization.

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