Saturday, May 21, 2022

What's The Deal With The US Four-Star Generals?

I don't know. One, certainly, cannot suspect General Barry McCaffrey in cowardice. He is a distinguished combat officer, but this...

Don't they care at all about their professional integrity and honor? And he is not the only one, here is another guy:
Petraeus cannot possibly know what the real cost of taking Mariupol is, because only Russia's General Staff knows it. US main-stream media military "experts" long ago chose using Ukie non-stop propaganda BS and their sublimation of a severe professional jealousy and butt-hurt over professional integrity and this parade of military losers, who didn't win shit in their life, and who are still reeling from Afghanistan humiliation, continues non-stop. 

They know what the US Army record of the last 50+ years looks like, they also know what military failures they are and they cannot contain their rage from experiencing the contrast between the two very different militaries and how they fight their respective wars. Even their "very own SOBs" in VSU are nothing more than Nazi war criminals who are singing like birds now both about NATO involvement in crimes against humanity in Donbass and about biolabs. Worst of all for them is well-documented fact of the US (and some NATO) military being directly involved in C4ISR for VSU which reflects extremely poorly on Pentagon's (always grossly exaggerated) reputation.  Hence this:

It would be really difficult to believe that the United States is not in a proxy war with Russia if reports that it plans to send anti-ship missiles to Ukraine are true. In fact, the State Department did not exactly deny this exclusive report from Reuters that Washington was readying to share the weapons capability to help “defeat Russia’s naval blockade…amid concerns more powerful weapons that could sink Russian warships would intensify the conflict.” “As the conflict is changing, so too is our military assistance to deliver the critical capabilities Ukraine needs for today’s fight as Russia’s forces engage in a renewed offensive in eastern Ukraine,” a State spokesperson said on Friday. The only thing that is being directly denied are assertions by the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs adviser, who tweeted Friday that “the US is preparing a plan to destroy the [Russian] Black Sea Fleet. The effective work of the Ukrainians on [Russian] warships convinced [the US] to prepare a plan to unblock the [Ukrainian] ports. Deliveries of powerful anti-ship weapons are being discussed.” 

Well, Vlahos has been around D.C. for a long time and she surely should know that those "decisions" are not anymore dictated by some military necessity--not to mention the fact that those missiles will not change much militarily for Russia, and Ukraine--but that ANY US Administration in the last 20 years was in a full blown crusade mode against not just Russia, but Russians as people and it is driven by racial and cultural hatred and deeply hidden but not well contained complex of inferiority which exacerbates with the economic decline of the US (and combined West) and Russia taking the lead in forming new geopolitical reality. So, a lot of impetus behind desperate steps by D.C. is simply irrational. There are rumors now that the US considers supplying Patriot AD complexes to 404. The immediate question is who is going to be manning them when they will be annihilated? 

It has to be understood clearly that the US, not taking anything from the entrepreneurial, industrial, creative and scientific genius of the American people, was a main beneficiary of once in a lifetime pure luck in WW II. But the same as you cannot substitute actual annihilation of the most of Ukrainian Air Force with many shots from the video-games, you also cannot buy military history. And no US general ever fought in defense of his motherland against the best of the best, defeating them time after time. You just cannot buy it, even if you want to convince yourself that General Lee was "equal" of Napoleon (he never was even in the same universe) or that Patton fought REAL Wehrmacht at the zenith of its power, Russians did and defeated it. The United States was supposed to be this savior, a providential blessing upon the world, but the immediate benefits of the post-WW II restoration pretty much ran out by the year 2000 and the wobbling then finally resulted in the economic calamity which is only now begins to be felt, slightly. It is getting to number 11 pretty fast. 

For the United States the struggle is existential, it is also with its own chimeras of the past. I am on record, reality is a bitch, it eventually bites and it hurts like hell if you are not ready. Plus, you cannot fight it even with the most elaborate BS narratives, but that, it seems, is the only thing in which the US four-star generals are good at. Fighting real wars and not parading themselves as sore-losers, not much. Unless, of course, one begins to move goal posts and redefine all known truisms of military science. I know, I can only only imagine how it hurts to understand that after the 8 years of US training and support those who the CIA and Pentagon hoped to kill so many actual Russians (killing children and raping women was accepted as collateral damage) have had their ass kicked and humiliated by grossly numerically inferior Russian force. That's gotta hurt a lot. Here are some other "skills" US and NATO "taught" those animals. Here is incomparable Eva Bartlett.

In conclusion, Here is Larry's yesterday's take:

Mariupol’s Final Ukrainian Chapter, Russia Writes New book

Pay close attention to a video of good ol' Russian BM-21 MLRS doing its job. That is how the real war looks like. But I am sure General Petraeus knows all about it, right? Nah, I am being facetious. 

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