Friday, May 13, 2022

Does This National Leader Look Ill?

You know, Putin suffers from this and that--the favorite shtick of losers from the Western MSM. 

The guy, obviously, looks totally in control and is a classic Putin of the last 10-15 years, confident and even ad-libbing. Why shouldn't he be confident, Russia is making a killing with her exports and, as I said many times before, it is combined West which finances Russia's SMO. Even if Russia will HAVE to take most of 404 on her balance, current market allows Russia to draw on additional resources which West's stupidity provided for Russia. Per Finland's NATO bid, sure, Turks are ready to have their own opinion on the matter;). 

Ah yes, "Lord" Austin finally got Shoigu on the phone today, LOL. 

(CNN)US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with his Russian counterpart for the first time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Pentagon announced on Friday.The call lasted approximately an hour and was at the request of Austin, who used the first call between the two in 84 days to urge Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to implement an "immediate ceasefire," according to a brief readout of the call. The two last spoke on February 18, a week before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

The call was initiated by Pentagon, and as you may have guessed already, Austin demanded the "immediate ceasefire" because, as we all know, Ukraine is winning so massively that Pentagon worries that Russia's loss may lead to the fall of Moscow and, as you all know, the welfare of Russian people is a matter of grave concern and care of the White House and Pentagon. They just hate to see Russian people unhappy. Nah, I am screwing with you, LOL. Pentagon sees how its own SOBs from Nazis and VSU get their asses handed to them and they are desperate to stop the annihilation of the VSU Donbas grouping. Simple as that. Russia, of course, will not stop and soon even a debacle of Afghanistan will be overshadowed.  What can I say, the answer was like this:

Sure, sure, Mr. Austin, we will cease fire like... any minute now, not.

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