Monday, May 23, 2022

A Profound LOL...

Thanks to Larry Johnson who has more courage and stamina than me to last more than 30 seconds reading CNN trash. Granted, this one is written by some pro-Nazi "journalist" and animal welfare "specialist" from...yes, Ukraine. But then again, CNN is a a Cable Nazi Network and half of them working there would have been charged as war criminals. Many are, really, genuine articles, that is why they lie, projecting their own criminal nature on others. So, the piece talks about some US "combat veteran" (combat with who? AK-47 carrying sandal guys?) who, actually, got to experience a real (emphasis on REAL) war. Boy, he didn't like it. Obviously, who likes to be on the receiving end? 

OK, Kevin, or whatever your real name is. Whatever this loser Colonel of VSU states, none of you, guys, are people with "real combat experience". Shooting at some peasants with AK-47s and RPG-7s while calling on CAS is NOT a real "combat experience", and even those guys wearing sandals managed to kick your ass. No, the real war is a completely different thing, especially on the receiving end. That is why this whole piece by some Ukie propagandist who, like most of CNN staff, is in the business of whitewashing crimes against humanity, is also a concentrated military porn sophomoric BS. But even in this BS, some kernels of truth could be found. And the truth is, none of the "foreign fighters" in 404 are in reality "combat veterans", other than killing those who are always grossly outgunned, because once Russian MLRS begin to shoot, all this "combat experience" is worth nothing, not to mention the fact of a up-close and personal encounter with Russian (not even LDNR) SSOs. You know, the guys who wiped out best of the best of ISIS while fighting always outnumbered? 
So, reading this pathetic sappy sentimental diabetes-inducing molasses about some Kevin, who, I am sure, is good at killing civilians--that is what VSU does--cannot hide a simple fact that, when CNN states that:
Kevin says he feels like he's aged five years in the past three months. He doesn't know how to explain what he's experiencing here to his friends back home. He doesn't know if he wants to.But he knows that Ukraine "is where I should be," and plans to stay in the country for the foreseeable future."We've seen this play out time and time again in history. People ask me all the time, 'Oh, this isn't your fight.' Or, 'What are you doing over there?' Yeah, but it wasn't our fight many times in history. And then it was. It's not your problem until it's your problem."
That it is not "his fight", and it never was, because this "combat veteran" knows nothing about fighting defending his family, wife, children, parents, property since he has no concept of that. Most Americans don't. And if he is still alive, he better think really hard what he will feel if he doesn't die easy and instantaneously once Kalibr or Iskander land near him, not to mention other means of delivering death by the enemy who was in the business of defeating world's best militaries way before even great great grand parents of this Kevin-dude were born. So, this phrase, highlighted in yellow, is a complete made up BS by this "animal welfare" specialist who fits perfectly the profile of "journalists" from CNN, or any other BSer from Western main-stream media, who are into whitewashing Ukrainian Neo-Nazism, especially against the background of an impending and inevitable encounter with a horrifying reality of Kiev regime's crimes and a final destruction of its military machine.
As Larry encapsulates it so well:
This is so well put! Ah yes, also, LOL at CNN.

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