Tuesday, May 17, 2022

They Tried Again...

 ... and had their ass handed to them. On May 14 VSU tried to counter-attack in Zaporozhskaya Oblast (in Russian). The result was totally expected: 24 tanks, 12 BMPs and around 100 VSU KIAs. 

I will repeat for those who still don't get it (Ukie trolls and SBU read this too)--VSU cannot fight in the classic framework of the maneuverable warfare. This fact is corroborated non-stop by a huge number of competent sources. VSU gets in the open, they get annihilated. Here is from incomparable Eva Bartlett. Listen to what yet another LDNR officer says. 
The only way they fight is by means of hiding inside civilian infrastructure and using civilians as a human shield, period. That's US and UK command of VSU, my friends. This is all PR on their side because, as I am on record, they DO NOT understand what modern warfare against peer is (as the US condescendingly uses this term, I omit this pip-squeak UK) and don't know how to fight it. As I already stated--they are achieving their main goal of "erasing" Afghanistan debacle from public memory, because the ongoing annihilation of the US best ever proxy under the Pentagon's direct command will surely (already, actually) eclipse the shame of Afghanistan. In this respect, the US and its military "experts" really enjoyed an outstanding "success".  This is what happens when one claims to be "the finest fighting force in history" without facing a real war against the opponent who has big guns.

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