Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Didn't Want To Do That...

But I was reviewing some things related to my videos and decided to answer the "criticism" (primarily trolling from IPSO losers from 404 and other trolls) about me "promising"  that Russia will not "invade" Ukraine. Well, because I am a fairly busy man, I didn't have the chance to address this, as well as other BS and justified "criticisms". So, allow me to bring you back to December 2021(that is why I love internet--preserves a lot) and remind you that I also was very active, not any more, at the Aftershock News--a popular Russian resource until I stopped writing there due to "Podolyakization" and decline of the level of this site during SMO. I have my renome to uphold and there is a lower limit below which I simply cannot afford to stoop. So, here is what I reiterated on 22 December of 2021 and that was from the original forecast made by me in November 2021. 

Возможность им говорить с Лавровым дали, они не поняли--пришло время говорить с Шойгу, а это, да, это очень неприятно. Но как бы там ни было, по 404 решение похоже приняли и это всё называется военно-дипломатическим сопровождением. Я ещё раз обращаю внимание--доминирование эскалации. Россия обладает полным доминированием эскалации в Европе. Ни НАТО в целом, ни США в частности, оным не обладают от слова совсем и в своём арсенале имеют только ОДИН инструмент--эскалацию к ядерному порогу. Всё. Все остальные силовые элементы только у России. Ну а чё--выбор огромен, от полноценного обнуления 404, до физического истребления "Азова", до ударов по НАТОвским объектам, да мало ли чего ещё.  

Translation: They (US and 404) were given the opportunity to speak to Lavrov, they did not understand - the time has come to speak with Shoigu, and this, yes, this is very unpleasant. But be that as it may, in regards to 404 the decision seems to have been made and this is all (Lavrov's statements) called military-diplomatic accompaniment. Once again, I draw attention to the escalation dominance. Russia has a complete escalation dominance in Europe. Neither NATO as a whole, nor the United States in particular, possess it at all and have only ONE tool in their arsenal - escalation to the nuclear threshold. That is it. All other power elements are only in Russia's possession. Well, what - the choice is huge, from a full-fledged zeroing of 404, to the physical extermination of "Azov", to attacks on NATO facilities, but who knows what else.

The reason I didn't express this in this blog (albeit I did hint on a number of occasions), I didn't want to be explaining myself constantly. So, good that I waited. Time did put everything in its place. Plus, at that time I was especially busy. So, it was clear that military action is coming already in early Autumn of 2021, the main question was the scale and it is clear now that the scale is "a full-fledged zeroing of 404". And then "discussions" of Russia's December 2021 ultimatum will commence. 

In related news, here is Larry talking to Steve Ericsson about many things like SMO, NATO, Russia what have you. As always, Larry does a great job.  Also, there were other 150 corpses of Nazis and VSU found in refrigerator (which was broken) in the deep recesses of Azov Steel, those remnants will be returned to Ukrainian side. We will not have realistic figures of Ukie losses for a while and most likely they will grow, not decline. It is clear that they are horrendous and Ukie propaganda is having a very difficult time hiding them from own people.

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