Sunday, May 1, 2022

Larry Johnson Continues Reviewing Of Jacques Baud's Thinking.

Larry elaborates, by means of Baud's thoughts, on the issue of this famous Ukie myth that they were fighting Russian Army for the last 8 years. 

It is an important point, and this myth was sold to psychotic Ukie public and was amplified many fold by Western propaganda. No doubt, Russia did offer some assistance to LDNR in 2014-2015. But as VSU and many ignoramuses in the West who "planned" VSU assault in March of 2022 on LDNR, the assault which was forestalled by Russian Army SMO, the actual fighting with even numerically inferior Russian Army is a whole other story altogether. Only completely delusional people believe that BSU at this stage exists as well-organized and controlled force and not a collection of separate units with dwindling combat effectiveness. 

As Larry correctly notes:

Think about this for a minute–if the Ukrainian Army could not defeat the militias in the republics of Luhansk and Donetsk over the last 8 years, how in the world is that Army going to defeat the Russian Army? It is delusional.

It is delusional. And so are the West's "planners" who thought that they can impose a long and costly war on Russia. As a good friend of mine, Bonnie Faulkner sent to me today. LOL)) I can confirm: 

As you can see, Russia is dying especially dramatically today. On a lighter note. Russia opened a new bank for especially dense Europeans. You can transfer payments in this bank in any currency you want.

Just no complains about services rendered are allowed in this bank.

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