Friday, May 20, 2022

Inevitability Or As They Say...

in the Family Guy, "having sex with Quagmire is inevitable like the fat guy ordering the dessert when everyone else wants to leave." (c) I don't like Seth MacFarlane's politics, but one cannot deny his talent in managing to position a quirky cartoon show as a funny and irreverent encyclopedia of American life for the last 20+ years. I love Family Guy, and same as I always loved Married With Children (remember, when America was fun and funny?), I also can quote many episodes of the life of Griffin family. So, about inevitability, if anyone asks:

You see, that was inevitable. So the piece continues:

As of last week, 20 companies in the EU had opened accounts at Gazprombank, while another 14 had asked for the necessary paperwork to open up accounts. Germany’s VNG had already opened up an account with Gazprombank. With the EU now clarifying that such an arrangement would not violate sanctions, additional companies are expected to file paperwork to open up ruble accounts. But so far, Bulgaria, Finland, and Poland have refused to pay with ruble accounts. Russia has already cut off supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, and Russia said it would cut off gas supplies to Finland on Saturday.

You see, it all works out for those who are not ready to commit suicide yet. Those who are hellbent on killing themselves or, at least, shooting off both of their lower extremities--who is Russia to prevent them from doing so. But all of it is, as is sex with Quagmire, inevitable and Mikhail Mishustin speaking today (in Russian) underscored that West's domination is mostly an illusion, while dedollarization is not. Same as Ruble becoming a major currency in trade with tangibles. You know, gas, oil, actual technology, metals, food, fertilizers and other things without which there is no modern civilization. You didn't think that financial speculations and stock trade are the foundation of modern civilization, did you?  

Meanwhile, those backward Rooskies just launched yet another military satellite. 

I wonder what is it for? Nah, I am screwing with you--this is most likely yet another recon and targeting asset which comes in handy when demolishing the remnants of VSU and controlling NATO's actions around 404.

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