Sunday, May 29, 2022

German General Has An Opinion. So Does Russian General--They Are Close.

In the interview to Welt, no less, General Roland Kather arrived to this conclusion:

„Die Russen haben lokal eine bedrückende Überlegenheit erzielt“

Translation: The Russians have achieved an overwhelming local superiority. 

Then, the other political observer arrives to this conclusion. 

Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin sieht nach Einschätzung des Politologen und Militärexperten Carlo Masala derzeit keinen Grund zu Verhandlungen mit der Ukraine. Putin werde erst dann ernsthaft zu verhandeln beginnen, wenn er befürchten müsse, durch eine Fortführung des Krieges mehr zu verlieren als zu gewinnen, sagte Masala, Professor für Internationale Politik an der Universität der Bundeswehr in München, der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. Genau das aber sei derzeit nicht der Fall.

Translation: According to political scientist and military expert Carlo Masala, Russian President Vladimir Putin currently sees no reason for negotiations with Ukraine. Masala, Professor of International Politics at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich, told the German Press Agency that Putin would only begin to negotiate seriously if he had to fear that he would lose more than he would win by continuing the war. But that is not the case at the moment. 


Truth is, this hasn't been the case from the get go and the question is not only in the fact that military issue was settled from the onset of the SMO, but because, as I am stating ad nauseam, the issue is even larger than Ukraine alone. It is a massive, unprecedented clash globally and it is existential in nature. I am also constantly, also ad nauseam, on record that we MUST give the recognition to the fact that none of us has access to information which Russia's military-political top has. We have to constantly factor this into our considerations. And while RT in English continues to "treat" us to a sophomoric amateur crap from fringe self-proclaimed experts, like this--unreadable BS. RT in Russian offers to its readers opinions of people who, actually, DO know. Such as interview with Colonel-General Georgy Shpak. It is a proper opinion of a top-notch military professional and here are some snippets. 

About Poland:

— Поляки под национальным флагом не пойдут ни на Белоруссию, ни на Украину. В Донбасс, куда-нибудь на Львовщину или Тернопольщину могут отправиться наёмники, добровольцы, волонтёры — как их ни назови, но никак не военнослужащие польской армии. Польша входит в НАТО, а один выстрел со стороны НАТО в сторону России — это начало Третьей мировой войны. Это понимают все, и, думаю, Варшава получила из Вашингтона очень чёткую команду: не инициативничать. Америка не хочет погибнуть из-за Украины или из-за Польши. В глобальной ядерной войне, а именно такой неизбежно станет Третья мировая, победителей не будет. Что касается учений в Белоруссии, то это стандартные военные меры в ответ на проходящие по ту сторону границы манёвры натовских войск. Западный военный блок сейчас проводит их целыми сериями, одни за другими. Александр Лукашенко демонстрирует, что и он держит порох сухим.

Translation:  The Poles under the national flag will not go either to Belarus or to Ukraine. Mercenaries, volunteers, whatever you want to call them, can go to the Donbass, somewhere in the Lviv region or the Ternopil region, but not the servicemen of the Polish army. Poland is part of NATO, and one shot from NATO towards Russia is the beginning of the Third World War. Everyone understands this, and I think Warsaw received a very clear command from Washington: not to take initiative. America does not want to perish because of Ukraine or because of Poland. In a global nuclear war, which is exactly what World War III will inevitably become, there will be no winners. As for the exercises in Belarus, these are standard military measures in response to the maneuvers of NATO troops passing on the other side of the border. The Western military bloc is now conducting them in whole series, one after the other. Alexander Lukashenko demonstrates that he keeps his gunpowder dry.

Read the whole thing--it is professional. It also addresses the issue (hilarious one for those who understand how operations are planned) of "Russia running out of high-precision weapons", a favorite shtick of morons from Western media, who broadcast Ukie propaganda. Per "decision tree", I speak about it a lot in my videos. Here is your "media" primer for Sunday.

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