Tuesday, May 17, 2022

An Interesting Detail.

Some contours or forms and methods of upcoming war crimes tribunals begin to emerge slowly. Get this:

МОСКВА, 17 мая. /ТАСС/. Верховный суд РФ рассмотрит требование Генпрокуратуры о признании украинского военизированного объединения "Азов" террористической организацией и запрете его деятельности в России. Это следует из извещения о рассмотрении административного дела, размещенного на сайте Минюста России."Административное дело о признании украинского военизированного националистического объединения "Азов" (другие используемые наименования: батальон "Азов", полк "Азов") террористической организацией и запрете его деятельности на территории Российской Федерации назначено к судебному разбирательству на 26 мая в 10:00 в здании Верховного суда России", - говорится в сообщении.

The gist: Russia's Supreme Court has a hearing on May 26 for Russia's Prosecutor General office submission for recognizing Azov militant nationalistic formation, and its other branches and titles, as a terrorist organization. Prosecutor General acted upon submission by FSB. 

So, as you see, they will not be even tried as military criminals, they will be tried as terrorists and, boy, that has some serious international repercussions, because some people in EU and North America will have to consider who they are dealing with. And we can only wait until all horror stories will be told and shown and perpetrators, including both cadre and volunteer NATO personnel, will be paraded in a front of the world at those tribunals, while looking in the eyes of those victims who survived. The new Nuremberg is coming and that makes many people really uncomfortable.  

Meanwhile new ones are being "evacuated" and every single of them will have a story to tell.

Many will live, many others will want to die after being sentenced for life to one of the Russia's max security prisons, others will die by firing squad. I would suggest hanging and not wasting bullets on them. As Vlad Shurigin correctly wrote today (in Russian)--the mythology of Azov and Ukie Nazism died today. In related news, the US is readying the block on Russia's sovereign debt payment on May 25, to declare "default" on Russia. Sure. Russia doesn't really care--she lives by Ruble and real economy. Renault learned about it today. Many more will get the message soon too. But, of course, Western "Free" media will forget to report that. Meanwhile:

High Gasoline And Diesel Prices Are Here To Stay

Oh, that is to put it mildly. But then again, what do you expect from people with degrees in political "science" and law who move not just Europe but the US closer to the precipice.

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