Saturday, May 7, 2022

Idukaishn Start Wiz Langwich.

If you do not have command of the language, inevitably, you will not have command of anything else. It doesn't mean that you have to be 100% "pure" in terms of grammar and spelling--no, we all are subjected to all kinds of linguistic slips, but it iz une think to made mistakez in sach a blok like thees une, totali inather when you pooblish for globel udience. 

So, you see, artillery is an important part of Russian Armed Forces combined operations, but now that Russia is going to be rolling out artillAry on the Red Square, this is the mysterious weapon I was waiting to be revealed for the world and it is a super one. It will change the warfare forever, because this Russian artillary uses those unstoppable long-range shills, which it shoots over the ocean and places them into US MSM journalist schools and you know the rest of the story. 

While Ukraine continues the wholesale annihilation of Russian combat ships, generals and, overall, is poised to take Moscow, it seems that evacuation of the civilians from Azov Steel is over and now the actual "defenders" started to leave the premises under the white flag of surrender (in Russian).  Truce envoys of Alexander Khodakovsky's Battalion "Vostok" moved to meet them to discuss conditions of surrender. And, of course, as was expected none of the civilians who exited Azov Steel was ever informed by their captors from Nazi Azov thugs and VSU that humanitarian corridors were offered constantly. Well, the remnants of Azov Steel grouping have no other option but to surrender, otherwise, Russian forces will start using artillAry and this weapon will leave no chance for them to survive. 

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