Wednesday, May 25, 2022

About Force Multipliers And Game-Changers. By Larry.

Here is Larrys' good review of some of the force multipliers in Ukraine.  

Read Larry's excellent write-up at his blog. I just want to add, of course, as I stated so many times that I lost count, last time today at conference with PolitWera and Vladimir Trukhan (in Russian), that Russia operates a full blown space based recon and targeting system which is at least on par with what the US has. And this, BTW, is a very good circumstantial evidence of a REAL situation on the ground in Donbass. 

Ukrainian presidential advisor Alexey Arestovich resorted to obscene language to criticize those in the West urging Kiev to cede part of the country's territory to Russia for the sake of peace. “Go f**k yourselves with such proposals, you dumb f**ks, to trade Ukrainian territory a little bit! Are you f**king crazy? Our children are dying, soldiers are stopping shells with their own bodies, and they are telling us how to sacrifice our territories. This will never happen,” Arestovich said in an interview on Wednesday. Arestovich criticized the logic of “bleating” voices encouraging Ukraine “to curb its appetite” and to give Russia the territories it supposedly wants, as such concessions would allow Kiev to “establish a comprehensive peace and to return to business as usual.” Another adviser of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mikhail Podoliak, took to Telegram on Wednesday to address “pro-Russian lobbyists in Europe.”

Arestovich, apart from being a psychopath and a war criminal (exact type Western elites respect), is also a man with not only zero, but negative, military background and experience and he, certainly, doesn't understand what good ol' Henry Kissinger meant when he stated few days ago that Ukraine should consider ceding territories. Henry wanted to save the Kiev regime in general, and Arestovich's ignorant ass in particular. But then again, can you imagine explaining to a guy who studied in his life everything but the modern warfare what C4ISR is and how combat networks operate and targeting is developed. Right! Neither can I. But the desperation is there, and the stream of videos of Ukie territorial defense units refusing to die for Zelensky and his curators continues unabated. Here is TV Zvezda Newscast (while it still lasts on YouTube). Apart from Putin visiting wounded in hospital, Zvezda also reports on those refusing to fight in VSU. 

So, Arestovich has to start thinking where to haul his sorry ass (UK, Poland, what have you) before he faces all those nasty Rooskies and war crimes tribunal. I need to get a good sleep tonight and cook some video (in continuation of Operations "lectures") on force multipliers.

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