Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Was Difficult To Imagine Otherwise.

Pretty clear. 

МОСКВА, 7 мая - РИА Новости. Переговоры России с Украиной возможны на условиях Москвы, при этом готовности как Киева, так и его западных кураторов к переговорному процессу пока не видно, заявил РИА Новости лидер ЛДПР Леонид Слуцкий. "Возможны - на наших условиях. Украина и нацистская идеология, носителем которой этот марионеточный режим является, проигрывает. Поэтому если они готовы к переговорам на наших условиях - полная денацификация, демилитариация и многое другое, что мы уже выдвигали как требование в 2022 году - в этом случае, можно об этом думать", - сказал Слуцкий РИА Новости в ответ на вопрос, возможны ли, на его взгляд, переговоры с Украиной. Он отметил, что пока еще действует указ Владимира Зеленского, который ему самому запрещает любые переговоры.
Translation: MOSCOW, May 7 - RIA Novosti. Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are possible on Moscow’s terms, while the readiness of both Kyiv and its Western curators for the negotiation process is not yet visible, LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky told RIA Novosti. “Possible - on our terms. Ukraine and the Nazi ideology, of which this puppet regime is the bearer, is losing. Therefore, if they are ready to negotiate on our terms - complete denazification, demilitarization and much more, which we have already put forward as a demand in 2022 - in In this case, we can think about it,” Slutsky told RIA Novosti in response to the question whether, in his opinion, negotiations with Ukraine are possible. He noted that Vladimir Zelensky’s decree is still in force, which prohibits him from any negotiations.
I want to remind people who continuously worry about Russia somehow yielding to combined West and starting negotiations. Apart from the obvious ad nauseam statements from Moscow that the West is not ready to negotiate, keep in mind this critical clause--with the consideration of the realities on the ground(c). This is critical, because this is the condition which terrifies West (nobody counts 404 and what it wants), because it is the doorway to de jure unconditional surrender. I am not talking about just geography, I am talking about operational-strategic situation on the theater of operations and we know now that the West exhausted its resources completely. It was de-fanged in the most brutal and merciless manner. It still can send a few tanks or artillery pieces here and there, but proverbial COFM (Correlation of Forces and Means) is decisively on Russia's side. 
Now another set of lamentations follows. Walter Russell Mead demonstrates yet again that all those "shiny" degrees in "strategy" from any US higher learning institutions aren't worth shit and are nothing more than degrees in hodgepodge collection of military-political facts, much of which are not even facts at all. Walter Russel Mead is a classic example of such ignoramus--a requirement for writing for WSJ. 
Seriously? Somebody has to explain to those "academics" that it is fucking 2024 and not 1924 with those magnificent iron ships of the line with their 16 inch guns blowing the shit out of defenseless tribes. The United States wanted the war--she's got one. Technological reality is a bitch and two can play the game of proxies. If you know what I mean. Recall this wonderful definition of the change in the negotiating position:
Did Walter Russel Mead and his colleagues shyster-"strategists" watch this wonderful movie? It is very instructive. 

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