Monday, May 20, 2024

I Spoke To Kevork...

 ... today. 

Kevork brought up the article from The Guardian by insane Russophobe Simon Tisdall. 

Here is an example of British "education", where in elite British degree mills they prepare illiterate propagandists and war criminals, responsible for atrocities across the globe. So, this human excrement, who would shit his pants from the even remote possibility of sustaining any harm to himself in the war zone, but he still cannot grasp the issue of the UK being culpable, together with the US, in unleashing the largest, since WW II, war in Europe.

It’s increasingly up to Europe, which has most to lose. Aside from the dire consequences of Ukraine’s permanent partition or total subjugation, success for Putin’s neo-imperial project prospectively imperils a clutch of former Soviet republics – Georgia is one vulnerable example – the EU and European security. If such scenarios materialised, Nato would be sucked in regardless. Or would it? Trump is a wild card. If he beats Biden in November, former advisers are convinced he will pull the rug from under Ukraine and cosy up to Putin. They also believe he will move to quit Nato, initially by sabotaging or blocking operations. July’s birthday party may be Nato’s last. At which point, Europe really would be on its own.

I am on record, people with biographies like Tisdall:

Shouldn't be allowed anywhere near media when commenting on issues of war and strategy. We do not allow janitors to perform open heart surgeries for a reason; British politicos in general, bar some few exceptions here and there, shouldn't be taken seriously on any issue of international relations until they swear they understand REAL position of UK as the second (if not third) world country, declining even at being that. Per Tisdall, he is a classic Goebbelsonian sociopath with personal grievances and British delusions of grandeur and should be, his propaganda activity considered, charged as the war criminal culpable in promoting genocidal policies by Washington and London in 404. As per NATO "involvement"--they do not teach in UK how military-economic and combat potentials are counted and how state's grand strategy relates to military one--too complex, many numbers and knowledge of real history.

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