Friday, May 31, 2024

A Minute Of Humanity...

... VSU tanker Maxim Likhachev  "dialed" Volga 149.200 channel and arranged with Russians his surrender... in T-64 tank, which protected him from shots in the back from his "fellow" VSU barrier troops. Obviously VSU thought that this "armor group" broke through Russians defenses, which technically was correct. VSU immediately reported a "success". Boy, have they been let down. Here is video of Likhachev surrendering with the tank and after a few seconds of necessary battlefield procedures you can see how Russian soldiers change their attitude after he is taken in. They pat him on the shoulder and the guy, at his 39 years of age, will have a good meal, shower and sleep in a long time before being debriefed by counterintel. He saved his life... and lives of others too. It is a remarkable video in so many respects and idiosyncrasies which are beyond the grasp of NATO "Russia experts".

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