Monday, May 6, 2024

How They Study War...

 ... in Western academe. Recall this both heartbreaking but also a heartwarming picture of dedicated Ghanian teacher Richard Appiah Akoto trying to introduce kids in his village to computers. 

This story had a happy end--Richard was invited by Microsoft to Singapore meeting and donations of lap and desktops poured in. This lesson has a lesson in it--here, we have a person of a true dedication trying to make the best of it with no means at all. 

Here is the opposite--bunch of imbeciles from London parade themselves as... imbeciles. 

The Guardian and its "military experts" evidently, unlike Richard who had no means, have everything at their disposal but UK and its lilliputian military literally have NO people who understand modern warfare and do not know a simple issue of force economy mode by Russian forces in SMO, as opposed to Deep Operations in WW II which saw not only demolition of Wehrmacht and Axis armies, and army groups, but also high casualties for the Red Army. Offensive operations are ALWAYS costly in blood and materiel. Two wars cannot be more different strategically, not to mention operationally, especially because NATO (US) ISR works 24/7 for Nazis in Kiev. The military illiteracy of the combined West is stupefying--lazy uncultured hacks who study world outside the same way Richard tried to introduce kids to computers by drawing them on the chalkboard. But if Richard is a hero and an example of humility and humanity, these creeps with all those advanced degrees in nothing should pay more attention to their resources at hand and try to study real war, not BS they teach at Sandhurst...

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