Thursday, May 16, 2024

No, It Is Not "Soviet Ways"...

 ... if anything else it is very American, and not bad at all, law. 

Soon people around the world, if not already, will begin to vomit when hearing term "democracy" from war criminals such as Lindsey Graham or bimbos from FOX or CNN. "Democracy" is a euphemism for the US NGOs running amok in any nation the US deems "useful" and making sure those countries are enslaved and their development is arrested. One of such people yesterday shot the Prime Minister of Slovakia. Generally, US NGOs are "foreign agents", as are native people who work for them. Considering the fact that Georgia is underdeveloped and poor country (they wanted out of Soviet Union--good riddance), its only utility for the US is being a ram against Russia. For that purpose the US needs corrupt government of lapdogs and young unemployed imbeciles in Tbilisi, who could be promised all kinds of West's mythical "benefits", such as "high standard of living" or free reign of LGBTQ+++ , all of it due to economic and military incompetence of American "strategists" who live in alternative universe. 

Georgia is not going anywhere but into utter oblivion under the US "cooperation", as did 404, because chaos and misery is the only product the US peddles. So, they now are afraid to "lose" Georgia because once the law passes all real foreign agents and their sources of "income" will be exposed. As I am on record--US elites are utterly geopolitically incompetent, because they do not understand strategy and resources which are required for achieving strategic goals. Many people in Georgia who experienced "American support" in 2008 understand that if Georgia wants to survive as a nation, the only way to do it is to build pragmatic relations with Russia. Plus, they also see where the whole BRICS thing is going and some really want the part. In Soviet Union, Georgia and Georgians were the richest people, they looked at Russians with contempt. Boy, things changed in 35 years. Tbilisi is a shithole and many Georgians recall the blessed Soviet days with nostalgia, when they travel today to Russia and experience immense wealth and glitz of Russian cities. Plus... (in Russian) Putin and Xi are doing a very good business.

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