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 ... from me with Nima. 

Ryabkov defines US "elites" as:

My fourth book is precisely about it. On average US "elites" are highly uncultured and uneducated people whose foremost feature is creation of the alternative reality. This, most likely, is the result of US higher education, or rather its degeneracy across the board, because most of US "elites" are children of well to do class, who never experienced real life and serious difficulties and have no moral reference points in their lives. Hunter Biden comes to mind, as does Trump, or majority of US "academe" which has been utterly corrupted by sinecures and pandering to upper class' sensibilities, real scholarship be damned. Add here grotesque religious views and doctrines of a large portion of America's protestant sects and cults and voila'. As Ryabkov concludes:

”As a matter of fact, it is irrelevant for us who the next US president will be,” he explained. “No chance for the improvement of the situation can be seen, considering the fundamental anti-Russian consensus of the American elites.”

Lavrov echoes today:

Well, I would say that this is for more than "one generation", because the European politics is a dumpster on fire and until it burns completely out leaving only smoldering remnants, no any meaningful contacts are possible, but then the Europe as we knew it will be gone and I doubt there will be anybody to talk to still--I do not exaggerate when I say that the West (as in Europe) is over. We observe this process in progress as I type it. Which makes me really cringe when reading such news:

PARIS — France’s decision to invite Russia to attend the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings has stoked tensions with allied nations as leaders prepare to gather on the Normandy beaches on June 6. Last month, Paris caught Western countries off guard when D-Day organizers announced they were extending an invitation to Moscow even as Russia launches a fresh offensive on Ukraine. Officials from the United Kingdom, the United States and two other World War II allies expressed concerns over the move, raising questions ranging from the symbolic nature of the occasion, protocol issues and queries about diplomatic engagement with Russian representatives. The White House is not pleased about the invitation, two administration officials told POLITICO. “We would defer to the government of France, which organizes the commemoration at Normandy,” one of the officials said. “But perhaps this will remind the Russians that they actually fought real Nazis once, not imaginary ones in Ukraine.”

As was noted by a few REAL American WW II scholars, there would have been no Normandy Landing if not for the Soviet Union and Red Army. There was also a reason why in Tehran Stalin demanded American, not British, general to lead the landing. But since Anglo-American WW II history is primarily accurately constructed confabulation which for at least three generations "educated" American "elites" (UK is a terminal case, all their WW II "scholars" are primarily of the level of Anthony Beevor, that is the level of a sewer), you wouldn't expect anything from US diplomats and military but arrogance and ignorance. After all, we all know that Patton defeated Hitler and that his 3rd Army's battling 10 operational German tanks in Lorraine is a peak of the military art. Many still believe in those military fairy tales by Hollywood and as US (and British) strategic "planning" in 404 demonstrated--it was done by amateurs. 

Obviously, such revelations from no less than Washington Post from 2015 will be increasingly erased in the West:

Don’t forget how the Soviet Union saved the world from Hitler

No worries here, they will forget. Already did. West has the whole industry set up by defeated Wehrmacht and SS which provided talking points for generations of what passes in the West for statesmen, military and government bureaucrats. It is not going to change until the very end, which is near. The US had about 80 years (an instance in historic terms) to get it right, it failed and learned absolutely nothing.

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