Thursday, May 23, 2024

Remember This?

Some war criminals from US media cried that it was fake and no, there are no Nazis in 404. 

Azov's emblem is a re-imagined "wolf's hook" of SS Division Das Reich. But because UK elites are inbred low lives, most of them anyway, here is freshest from UK today--former UK PM hosts Azov Nazis in Parliament. 

So, it is a logical conclusion for UK which has no honor, no integrity nor national pride left and it is only appropriate that they follow Canada's path to applauding human scum of Nazis.

Members of Azov were greeted as heroes in London

British lawmakers cheered a delegation of the notorious Azov Ukrainian military unit at a roundtable in Parliament on Wednesday, while former Prime Minister Boris Johnson called them "heroes." The neo-Nazi militia was founded in 2014 by white supremacist Andrey Biletsky, who designed its logo with symbols once used by the SS. It was eventually integrated into the Ukrainian armed forces, while retaining its Third Reich iconography. The battalion has been accused by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the UN of multiple human rights abuses, including rape and torture of civilians. Three members of Azov visited London and spoke before a group of parliamentarians. Lieutenant Arseniy Fedosiuk and Ruslan Serbov had been captured in Mariupol in 2022, while the third, Sergeant Vladimir Vernygora, joined the unit in 2023.

Now you understand why nobody will talk to these people. UK is fast becoming a shithole and it is probably for the better. It also shows what UK "elite" education is--I mean degree mills for credentialed cretins. UK is over, as is Anglo-world. Per US, will give it another a year or so and see where this goes. They love Nazis in Washington but we know about some people who fight this, in UK--it is the natural state of historic losers who cannot come to grips with the fact that they are nobodies in the XXI century. What's left for UK? Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler...

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