Saturday, May 18, 2024

Kent Rollins' Advice...

 ... in economy cooking. I am not saying that we will have Great Depression 2.0, but there is a good chance that shit will get really bad. Now, the way Kent presents things is absolutely wonderful--both historic references and cooking proper. 

Stews, including presented here Hoover Stew, are very economic way of cooking during hard times. I am not, obviously, referring to the level of food desperation such as was in Russia in 1990s, when many people subsisted on such "diet" as pan-fried onions and bread--this was the time of a near famine in some localities in Russia (that's your Chicago and Harvard school of economics in action). But having basic Krakow sausage, beans and some pasta, certainly, helps and those are staples and they work in providing nutrition and calories. 

While I doubt that the US will repeat the horror of Great Depression and the Dust Bowl...

... we still should expect some serious disruption of supply chains which will be more severe than it was during Covid criminal lock-down when such things as milk, bottled water and some meats simply evaporated from very many grocery stores. I will elaborate on the issue of the "Civil War" (I didn't watch the movie yet, because it is a Hollywood neural programming BS), but we should view all that as a steady decline of America's standard of living which is absolutely tangible with the inflation making serious inroads into the grocery prices, especially for people who are in low-paying jobs or unemployed altogether.

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