Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Biden fears ‘huge Jewish influence’ – White House aide. The US president won’t risk angering the lobby in Washington, a security adviser told Project Veritas

The United States doesn't have America-centric foreign policy. It has Israel-centric, military industrial complex-centric, banks-centric foreign policy but NOT America-centric foreign policy, because US foreign "policy" is what effectively destroyed the United States, which is nothing more than a global bouncer for AIPAC and neocons. 

Speaking of which, considering utter incompetence of the US military-political "elite"...

Troops of Russia’s Southern Military District launched the first stage of recently announced tactical nuclear drills on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has confirmed. When announcing the drills a week previously, the ministry explained that the exercise is designed to serve as a deterrent amid continued escalation between Russia and the West, by demonstrating Moscow’s ability to respond to any external threats. It will involve delivery of nuclear weapons to troops from storage sites, arming tactical nuclear missiles, and preparation of missile launches, Moscow announced in a statement on Telegram. The troops will be using the Iskander-M systems, which can fire 9M723-1 ballistic missiles or 9M728 cruise missiles, both of which can carry tactical nuclear warheads with yields between five and 50 kilotons. The Southern Military District forces will also practice covert deployment operations using the systems, as part of launch-preparation drills, according to the military.

Pretty standard stuff, just to remind that said Iskander can reach pretty much anywhere in Europe. Definition of NON-STRATEGIC (not "tactical" as RT reports, a huge difference) weapons is a rather very elastic definition because e.g. nuclear armed Kinzhal (it also takes part) which flies to the distance of 2,500+ kilometers can carry a rather substantial, by different estimates, nuclear ordnance up to 50 kT  and can wipe Brussels off the map in one go, God forbid, of course, this comes to it. Is it "strategic"? In terms of impact definitely so. But it doesn't fit under the umbrella of the "strategic weapons" and is defined as "non-strategic". You see, Russians also have really damn good lawyers. Two can play the game. So, Russia trains, just in case. 

Meanwhile Mike Turner and the group of other similar-"minded" Congressmen from Knesset, ah, pardon me, House of Representatives sent a letter to Mr. Austin urging him to allow 404 to attack Russian territory with US weapons. 

Today, Congressman Mike Turner (OH-10), Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and head of the U.S. delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04), Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Congressman Gerry Connolly (VA-11), past president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, were joined by their colleagues on a bipartisan letter to Department of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin urging the Biden Administration to expedite additional resources to Ukraine.  After meeting with a delegation of Ukrainian parliamentarians, the congressional lawmakers emphasized that in order for Ukraine to better defend itself against Russia, the United States should authorize the use of weapons by Ukraine that would allow its military to strike strategic targets within Russia, train additional Ukrainian F-16 pilots, and bolster Ukraine's air defense systems.

Those people, of course, do not understand consequences (expected from US legislators) of such actions, because the US has many military bases which are defenseless against any salvo of Russian missiles, but for members of Select Committee on Intelligence in the House this all is a fodder to boost own chances for reelection in the next cycle by the same type of people who in Arizona or South Carolina continuously elected such war criminals as late John McCain and his presently relatively alive buddy Lindsey Graham. As per "bolstering" anything--there is not a single weapon system in the US arsenal, least of all air defense ones, which are designed to fight on the modern XXI century battlefield against modern stand-off weapons. But I am sure they, sitting on the Select Committee on Intelligence, should know that, right?

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