Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Now It Really Hurts.

And don't tell me that this is not important. Remove shawarma from Russia and what do you have? Right--the crisis of national existence. So, in Germany the whole thing with doner kebab finally reached the highest level of politcal discussion. 

Germany’s Left party has suggested that the state subsidize doner kebabs to the tune of almost €4 billion per year. Inflation and rising energy costs have nearly doubled the price of the Turkish snack staple in recent years. In a policy paper seen by German tabloid Bild and reported on Sunday, the Left proposed capping the price of a doner kebab at €4.90 or €2.50 for students, young people, and those on low incomes. With the cost of a kebab now averaging €7.90, the government would pick up the rest of the tab, the paper states. “A kebab price cap helps consumers and kebab shop owners. If the state adds three euros for every kebab, the kebab price cap would cost almost four billion,” the party wrote in the paper, explaining that around 1.3 billion kebabs are eaten in Germany every year. “When young people demand: Olaf, make the kebab cheaper, it’s not an internet joke, but a serious cry for help,” Left party executive Kathi Gebel told Bild, referring to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “The state must intervene so that food does not become a luxury item.”

This is important. No jokes. But look where the problem originated from.

Many Germans blame Scholz for depriving them of cheap kebabs. “I pay eight euros for a doner,” a protester shouted at Scholz in 2022, before imploring the chancellor to “talk to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, I would like to pay four euros for a doner, please.”

Yep, this is the price for cutting ties with Russia and the rise in energy prices. But Putin is too busy now with his new term and forming the government, so kebab affairs in Germany are not on his mind, plus Germany did it to itself. In the end, Russia, who is now dramatically tightening her immigration policies will have her own situation between legal and illegal shawarma. But who would ever have thought that Russia will unleash treacherous kebab wars on Germany. This issue, in the long run, may topple Scholz's government. Good riddance...

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