Monday, May 6, 2024

This Is Rich. LOL)))

Ah yes, this media whore explains to other media whore--uneducated, corrupted and, in case of Amanpour married to some State Department Mossad asset--about "independent" journalists. 

Amanpour is a war criminal, as is this NYC schlimazel Leibowitz aka Jon Stewart who was relevant in times of pushing Obama to the White House. Both are classic American "elite" representatives--one is a good ol' Jewish boy from NYC, another is an affirmative action Iranian-born dumb-ass with degree in "journalism" from some vocational school for retards in Rhode Island, a euphemism for having no education at all, which qualifies one to be pushed along in the Anglo fight against "ayatollahs". She is as stupid as a stump, as most journos are, but she still takes herself seriously, as most of the audience of "Stewart". And so comes this issue--can you explain to some moron from CNN or from Harvard Political Science department what CEP (Circular Error Probable) is? Of course not. So, let's put it this way--Xi is going to Belgrade to mark Amanpour's war crime, which includes killing of Chinese diplomats in 1999. It is getting curioser and curioser. 

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