Monday, May 6, 2024

Now EU Wants To "Descalate".

Obviously it doesn't work like this, but then again Western political "elites" are nothing more than a collection of petulant children. Plus, it is Vladimir Putin's inauguration tomorrow. 

МОСКВА, 6 мая/ Радио Sputnik. Евросоюз призывает Россию прекратить эскалацию, заявил официальный представитель внешнеполитической службы ЕС Петер Стано. Так на брифинге в Брюсселе он прокомментировал предстоящие ракетные учения ВС России. "Мы призываем Россию прекратить эскалацию, безответственную риторику и безответственное поведение", – приводит РИА Новости его слова. В понедельник, 6 мая, в Минобороны сообщили, что президент России Владимир Путин поручил начать подготовку к учениям по применению нестратегического ядерного оружия.

Translation: MOSCOW, May 6/ Radio Sputnik. The European Union calls on Russia to stop the escalation, said EU foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano. Thus, at a briefing in Brussels, he commented on the upcoming missile exercises of the Russian Armed Forces. “We call on Russia to stop the escalation, irresponsible rhetoric and irresponsible behavior,” RIA Novosti quotes him as saying. On Monday, May 6, the Ministry of Defense reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the start of preparations for exercises on the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons.

Poor, poor dears, they still don't get it what game they got themselves into.  Eight years ago I wrote this:

Europe is Tabaqui to America's grossly diminished Shere Khan, which is a euphemism for expendables. Today Russian Foreign Ministry using fingers (British "elite" is underdeveloped and doesn't understand situation explained in normal language) explained to UK Ambassador that next time Russia will destroy UK's military objects (installations) not just in 404 but in other places--other places ranging from Royal Navy's ships anywhere in the ocean to Cyprus air base Akrotiri. Evidently the same was told to France's Ambassador who also was called to Foreign Ministry in Moscow. The algorithm is extremely simple: you don't want to talk to Lavrov, you will talk to Shoigu. 

Remarkably, Russia's nuclear exercises are... NON-STRATEGIC nuclear exercises. That means Russia is going to exercise strikes on Europe by such nuclear means as Kinzhals, 3M22 Zircon and 3M14 Kalibr which DO NOT fall under the umbrella of strategic nuclear weapons. Any carrier of P-800 Oniks, as an example, such as nuclear powered submarines or surface ships, not to speak of carriers of those nasty 3M14M which could be launched without leaving the waters near base--all of it will be demonstrated to Europe. Especially UK and France, whose facilities where terrorism against Russia is conceived and initiated, and which are defenseless against modern standoff weapons, will be "targeted". Recall HMS Defender.   

This time they will. It has been 42 years since the Royal Navy got bloodied at Falklands. But Russia is not Argentina, in the end, if shit hits the fan Russia can simply wipe UK off the map. Together with France... and the US. I will be talking about technical aspects of that scenario in my video.

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