Wednesday, May 8, 2024

New World Order...

 ... and I mean it--NEW in a good sense. 

МОСКВА, 8 мая – РИА Новости, Сергей Фукс. Почти пять тысяч человек из 100 стран подали заявки на участие в Играх БРИКС, рассказал генеральный директор АНО "Дирекция спортивных и социальных проектов" Максим Денисов. Игры БРИКС пройдут в Казани с 12 по 23 июня. "Подготовка идет по плану, но с некоторыми нюансами. До 15 мая нужно финализировать список видов спорта. По некоторым есть недобор стран, думаем, все-таки доберем по 10 стран на вид. На данный момент мы получили заявку от 4817 человек из 100 стран. На ряде объектов еще проводятся ремонтные работы", - рассказал Денисов на заседании комитета Госдумы по физической культуре и спорту.

Translation: MOSCOW, May 8 – RIA Novosti, Sergey Fuks. Almost five thousand people from 100 countries have applied to participate in the BRICS Games, said Maxim Denisov, director general of the ANO Directorate of Sports and Social Projects. The BRICS Games will be held in Kazan from June 12 to 23. “Preparation is going according to plan, but with some nuances. The list of sports needs to be finalized by May 15. For some there is a shortage of countries, we think we’ll still get 10 countries each. At the moment, we have received applications from 4,817 people from 100 countries “Repair work is still underway at a number of facilities,” Denisov said at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sports.

Yes, the name of the guy is pronounced Fooks, not what you thought, you perverts;))) LOL. Now seriously--this is the start of dissolution of utterly corrupted and decomposing International Olympic Movement under the auspices of IOC. The putrid smell of the rotting corps of "Olympic" sports merely poisons atmosphere. 

There are 160,000 tickets on sale, 15,000 of them have been sold. The  prices are very symbolic, as low as R100. This is the start. Kazan is gorgeous and has world-class facilities: 
Kazan hosted a number of major events starting from World Cup 2018 to all kinds of other major sports events (World Championship in aquatics et al), so, it all should go smoothly and FSB, I am sure, are getting ready.

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