Thursday, November 24, 2022

A Very Funny Turkey.

I already wrote about Adam Kinzinger as an unhinged war-monger. The guy is obviously a complete nuts, which qualifies him for the US House of Representatives, where he resided till recently. But, evidently, this Lt. Colonel has issues. Now, the Gateway Pundit commented on them, LOL))) And Salty Cracker decided to elaborate.

You know what? I cannot imagine getting into the debate with and threatening violence to a virtual cat character with an excellent handle of the... Cat Turd, LOL. Now, this Thanksgiving evening I sit and laugh like crazy after seeing and reading this. It is also sad, that such unhinged wussies make it to the US Congress. But then again, people of Illinois deserve the Representative they elected. What a turkey! Or as Bugs Bunny would say:
I think Vovan and Lexus should call Kinzinger...

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