Sunday, November 6, 2022

Yet Another FUD BS Destroyed By Alexander Rogers.

.... from the so called "sources" on the ground. I will reiterate--99% of the TG channels, "Russian" military "reporters"  and LDNR "military analysts" are a scam. Most of them do it for monetization and egos larger than cathedrals. Most of them are at best tactical level observers and some of them have expertise on the level of a squad or platoon (at best). Now, without naming ANY sources the alleged letter of marines of the 155 Brigade of the Pacific Fleet who are fighting around Pavlovka begins to circulate. As always it is about damn generals, we are "almost wiped out" and everything is going down the toilet. Luckily, Alexander Rogers has appropriate response--courtesy of WHAT who pointed this out, and Larch who translated it. 

Подведём промежуточные итоги. 

- В Павловке триста убитых, 75% бригады убитые и раненые!
- Пруфы будут?
- Ну может 30 убитых. Ладно, уговорил, 20. Поверишь?

(с)Сладков, Ходаковский, Долгарева, Шарий, Каспаров.

P.S. Так и вижу, как бойцы под обстрелом пишут письмо турецкому султану (зачёркнуто) в Спортлото (зачёркнуто) губернатору Камчатки (щитоблеать?!)

P.P.S. Слышь, купи тюменские наушники и финку НКВД! По персональному промокоду скидка!

Larch translates: Let's sum up the intermediate results. - In Pavlovka, three hundred were killed, 75% of the brigade were killed and wounded! - Will there be proofs? - Well, maybe 30 killed. Okay, I persuaded you, 20. Would you believe it? (c) Sladkov, Khodakovsky, Dolgareva, Shariy, Kasparov. PS I can see how soldiers under fire write a letter to the Turkish sultan (crossed out) in Sportloto (crossed out) to the governor of Kamchatka (dafuck!) PPS Hey, buy Tyumen headphones and a Finnish NKVD knife! Discount with your personal promo code!

For those who don't know--Sportloto is a famous Soviet Lotto game. Which is a deliberate absurd when anyone in Russia wants to threaten someone without any consequences to a threatened person they say: we will write to Sportloto. Meaning, having the same effect as reporting a murder to the US Department of Agriculture. For any native Russian speaker the phony nature of this "letter" is immediately obvious. As What correctly states:

Read my lips (again) and I stand by my words, as I stated, again, openly at Politwera this Thursday--99% of them, from talk shows to TG channels and military "reporters" are human waste who, apart from being militarily ignorant and uneducated, are in it for manipulation and making money and fame, period. Practically all of them, be that Soloviyov, Skabeeva with her hubby, let alone Sladkov, let alone Girkin--practically all of them are into the business of keeping public on emotional high in order to advance their careers and other personal interests. These are people without integrity and consciousness. Many of them need to be prosecuted for spreading IPSO propaganda, intentionally or not.

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