Sunday, November 27, 2022

Something Not Geopolitcs Realted.

While still in Weekend. Among English language football commentators I have my favorites, for decades now. I also understand that it is a PC world and sticking women's soccer commentators is a must nowadays, and I have no problem with many girls, some of them, as was the case with superb British gal who commented on the Fox post games show from the Red Square in 2018.  Aly Wagner was also there and she did reasonably well, sadly this WC she is lacking. As I already stated, there are some commentators from Anglo world who are simply both highest level cultured people and incredible voice artists. Some of them are a delight to follow because they convey the intensity and atmosphere, which we, mere mortals, can see only through the TV screen. 

It will be a long time before women will be able to deliver this commentator "package" with such professional class and both latent and open emotion as incomparable Derek Rae, JP Dellacamera, Ian Darke, not to speak of Andres Cantor, all of who, including some other important names, such as outstanding Martin Tyler, who comments EPL, create the ornament for the game. I personally simply enjoy their voices and delivery, as was always the case with this incredible pair of Gary Thorne and Bill Clement who called NHL in 1990s and 2000s. In the era of NewSpeak and primitivization of English language as a whole, they were and remain some of the most powerful reminders of how powerful the language, any language, could be and... how beautiful it is when it is delivered with flow, clarity and superb pronunciation tailored perfectly to the heat of the moment. Just enjoy this Scottish diamond, Derek Rae. 

These are last vestiges of real, genuine, culture, among few others. And, of course, who can forget this))

It is not a rumor, Andres almost passed out while calling this. And yes, this is Spanish.

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