Monday, November 7, 2022

On The Issue Of Being Slightly Pregnant.

By now, after the "dump" of some really interesting info-bombs from US MSM about US being in contact with Russia, as if thinking it was not enough, Bloomberg reports this: 

US Quietly Asks Banks to Keep Some Ties With Russia, Even as Congress Balks. Treasury, State prod JPMorgan, Citi to bank some Russian firms. Congress lambasted banks for continuing to do work in country.

Yes, we know that the US has been highly selective in terms of Russia sanctions it imposes--many things are simply removed from sanctions list--while being very insistent on Europeans to commit economic suicide. The US is trying to be slightly pregnant. But this stream of info "dumps" from MSM in the US is not accidental. I speak about it today in my video.

There is only so much that MSM brainwashing can do in terms of the effect of SMO on the economies of the combined West, as well as on the reluctance to provide Ukraine with what is touted inside combined West as super-pooper weapon systems. Who needs an additional embarrassment which is increasingly difficult to obfuscate and spin. And, of course, mid-terms are almost here. Can we get a ...
Believe me, we will need it, a lot...

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