Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Larry Makes Some Very Good Points..

In his latest. It is symptomatically titled: Why Didn’t Russia Do This Sooner? In it he notes:

The war in Ukraine clearly has entered a new phase, with Ukraine failing to press its offensive and Russia solidifying its lines of defense and launching counter attacks that are pushing Ukraine out of key strategic areas in Donetsk. It appears that the combination of the murder of Darya Dugina, the sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines, the bombing of the Kerch bridge and the spoiled drone attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Sevastapol convinced the Russians to step up its military strikes to destroy critical electrical and energy infrastructure that they had previously left intact. Yet, even while achieving success in systematically turning off the lights and heat throughout Ukraine, Russia is focusing on destroying transformers and key transmission installations rather than blow up nuclear, thermal and water power plants. If those sites are still intact, Russia will face an easier reconstruction task once Ukraine is defeated. It is easier to install new transformers and power lines than it is to build a new nuclear reactor. Right?

And he answers his question, after reviewing state of the affairs in Europe and elsewhere.

Here is the bottomline–Ukraine’s military position will continue to erode in the coming weeks while economic conditions in England and the rest of Europe will worsen. The latter will make it impossible to sustain political support to continue sending unlimited financial and military aid to Ukraine. 

And that is why today even the White House had to debunk NYT's BS (US MSM produces ONLY BS and propaganda):

In related news, I discussed with some of my friends our plans to conquer the galaxy and, especially, resources rich planet Zoltar. President Vladimir Putin and POTUS Joe Biden "were not involved in these discussion".  At this stage neither NYT, nor WaPo, nor WSJ, among many others fit the bill of even the last ditch post-apocalyptic toilet paper, because who needs anus and brain cancer wiping one's own ass with this toxic garbage.

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