Wednesday, November 23, 2022

I Like Douglas MacGregor, But...

... he really needs to freshen up his history of the Great Patriotic War, because  NKVD never "executed million soldiers" who "refused to fight". This is a complete fantasy straight out of Solzhenitsyn, Hollywood and neocons' fantasies. 

In fact, the Zagrad Otryads' primary function was to stop retreating troops, reorganize them and return to the front, including through reforming (reconstituting) combat units. Moreover, those NKVD troops themselves fought valiantly at the front lines. It is about time we stopped this NKVD executing "millions" of people shtick, because all of that is a fairy tale concocted in the deep recesses of Cold War Western anti-communism propaganda machines and BS sold to them by all kind of "victims of the regime". One simple operational fact--who, in their own mind, would "execute" a million troops, badly needed on the front in a face of overwhelming might of Nazi Germany and its vassals? Stalin was anything but stupid, he was a superb strategist and had nothing in common with caricature drawn on him in the West. Moreover, 90% of what is known to general public about GULAG and NKVD is nothing but pure propaganda.   

Now that we put this away, the newly coined "state sponsor of terrorism" continues to decommunize former Ukraine to a great effect by continuing to "run out of missiles". But, when even this creature has to say this:

One has to question the whole new level of European degeneracy. What can I say, Van Schaak, in reality, should abandon her "humanitarian law" activity and go back where she belongs--to being attorney for DUI cases in the Wanker County. But, as I am on record, Europe made a choice long time ago, let her enjoy it. 

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