Wednesday, November 16, 2022

This Weekend...

... a corrupt and fun-free World Cup starts in Qatar. Don't you ever think that I am a prude--I am a prude only for my family, but in general I did a lot of crazy shit in my life, including extreme fun (I am not going to delve into details of that) and that is what World Cup always was--bunch of inebriated people mingling together, rooting, screaming, cheering, dancing... crying. But apart from a beauty of the game, it is always a humanity on parade. It was my dream to see WC 2022 in the US, Seattle was one of the venues, but now we know how Sarkozy made a true French football legend Michelle Platini vote for Qatar. France wanted contracts there. 

Just take a look at this documentary on Russia's WC 2018. 

Now to the subject matter. I am on record--I always rooted for the US National Men's Team. In 2002 I fell in love with them. They were not only fearless, they played an amazing, almost romantic in its abandon, counter-attacking game and they would have rolled over Germany (Germany! Yes THE Germany), until they were killed by a corrupt referee.   
This was the team which could have reached a final. 20 years passed since then. 

Here are the colors:

What can I say? I am not rooting for that. Global sports is long overdue for a complete overhaul, starting from abolishing International Olympic Committee and reconstituting FIFA on a completely different bases which promote the game, not woke BS and bribery. Keep utterly corrupt Olympics banned--those are insult to morality and intelligence. Well, my good ol' reliable Italy for which I root for more than 44 years now, I'll be always Azurris' fan, despite the sad fact that they didn't make it to Qatar. Serbia? Sure! Maybe Portugal, I still admire CriRo and they always had some amazing talent there. Anybody, but not this.   

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